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Job summary

As Amazon continues to grow so does the demand for our Finance Operations (FinOps) services.

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You will deliver a high-quality customer experience through developing and leading strategic, cross-functional programs. These will be aimed at delivering ongoing operational efficiency and free-cash-flow improvements through automation, upstream defect reduction and end-to-end process improvement. You will work backwards from your customer, and problem solve on their behalf. You will dive deep into their requirements, and deliver these programs through our people, processes and technology.

The candidate will be responsible to:
*Pay vendors on time based on payment schedule using market payment application;
*Perform payments reconciliation – analyze Vendors’ Open Items (i.e., daily) to clear items;
*Prepare payment files;
*Contact vendors directly, communicate issues and resolve it;
*Give training for vendors on new tools;
*Handle timely invoice processing (including deciding on the tax codes) and posting received invoices;
*Manage master data for vendors;
*Prepare internal/external reports and analysis;
*Perform maintenance and reconciliation of vendor data

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